How to Choose a Good Roof Contractor

How to Choose a Good Roof Contractor

A roof protects more than your overhead ceilings, and it’s imperative to protect the foundations and structures of your home as well as having an effect on your heating and cooling. And damage no matter how big or small is not limited to old roofs. When detected early it can save you digging deep into your pocket for significant repairs or a new roof.

Roofs come in all shapes and sizes, tiled or metallic (Colorbond), pointy or round, brown, green, blue and even yellow and without experience it can be difficult to know how to find a good roof contractor.

Why you may need a roof contractor?

Firstly, roof contractors are not a regular home maintenance service for the majority. However, here are a few reasons why you may need to hire a roof contractor.

You should contact a roof contractor if you notice:

  • Leaks through your ceiling when it rains.
  • Rust patches in your roof
  • Missing tiles or shingles
  • Unfastened roof sheets
  • Pools of water gathering around your home
  • Constantly clogged gutters, and
  • Sagging gutters or rusted gutters.


What does a roof contractor do?

Apart from fixing holes, your roof contractor can do anything from a general clean to change the colour of your roof and everything in between.

Here are some common roof contractor services:

  • Roof restoration and repair: Giving your roof a facelift, replacing and repairing damaged parts, rust and what not but it can also identify any hidden issues.
  • Roof Painting: From changing a roof colour to refreshing a roof before selling a home, painting a roof gives it another layer of protection from the elements.
  • Roof cleaning: Roof cleaning varies slightly between tiled and Colorbond roofs. Roof cleaning is important as it can increase its longevity and identify repairs.
  • Guttering: A gutter is more than a decorative feature attached to your home. A gutter works as a diverter of water away from around the outside of your home and if damaged it in the worst-case scenario cause flooding if water is directed close to your home’s entry and exits.

Like picking a contractor despite its more than your property or home on the line you shouldn’t go with the first company you see. You need to have a checklist of sorts, and any good roof contractor should tick each box before starting any work.

Your Roof Contractor must have:

Up to date Roof Contractor licences and Insurances:

  • Qualifications and certificates will make sure all work conducted is of the highest standard include premium products and supplies and work is in line with government standards and or local council guidelines.
  • Insurances will cover contractors if they get injured undertaking work at your property, safeguarding you and ensuring they receive everything they are entitled to including loss of income, etc. Safety certificates show that all staff is trained in safety procedures for each task they undertake.

Experience: There is no shame in asking for references or checking what previous projects your possible roof contractor has completed. You may at the same time pick up some ideas for your roof while getting a good idea of their versatility and experience.

Pricing: Whether it’s for your home or business we understand that every dollar counts, meaning there is no shame in shopping around for quotes. Just keep in mind that you pay for what you get. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option, the more quotes you get, and the better idea you get at industry prices.

Reliability and response time: You want to know that your roof contractor will be responsive and available to get to your property, business or construction site as soon as possible or at a time that suits you to inspect, repair, replace or install new parts and get you back up and running.

Wrap Up

A roof is what protects your home, family, valuables or business from the elements and in the modern world, it is easy to take it for granted which was once a lifetime dream.

At the end of the day your home, family or business can be affected short term and long term from roof issues from inconvenience to physical damage to your possessions. And with that in mind, you wouldn’t want to gamble on the safety and the livelihood of your homes or properties structure for a company that you did not have 100% faith in.

This is exactly why you need to make sure you employ an experienced roof contractor who can tick every box, and who will thoroughly inspect, identify, fix, replace and repair your roof issues once and for all.