Three extraordinary benefits of window blinds

window blinds

They’re unrivalled in controlling household privacy and light

One of the largest benefits that come hand in hand with a high quality window blind is the amount of control it has over light, a feature that is not available by using traditional curtains instead. An excellent blind will be able to block or filter the light that comes through the window, giving the house’s inhabitants the advantage of privacy and even temperature. Of course, blinds come in many different variations and the extent to which they are able to manipulate light depends on the fabric that is used.


Blockout blinds are the ultimate in privacy and temperature control. Their fabric allows them to completely block the light out during day and night, restraining the amount of heat that can enter through the windows. Translucent blinds are a weaker version of blockout blinds, cushioning any harsh light that penetrates whilst still allowing natural light to seep through. Sheer blinds are perfect in controlling harsh lights whilst still allowing you to see the view outside.


Unlike many other alternatives such as curtains, blinds provide an unrivalled amount of control over light and privacy, allowing you to choose the perfect type for you.


Blinds can be very energy efficient mechanisms

An unknown feature available when choosing blinds is the amount of energy efficiency they can provide, reducing energy costs for the household. The best example of this is the introduction of cellular shading which uses honeycomb shapes cell to retain pockets of air inside the blinds. This allows the blinds to work as efficient insulators for heat.


During the summer, it will effectively reduce heat being able to penetrate through the windows protecting the cool air inside the home. Conversely, during the winter, cellular shades can be used to trap the heat within the home, greatly increasing comfort levels in a natural way.


The use of cellular shades means you are much less tempted to use air conditioning or heaters, saving you on energy costs. The benefits of these blinds are also that air pockets inside the unique shape of the shades will also work to block out external noise as well, layering the home with an additional form of protection.


Blinds are available in many different styles

There are many different ways available to stylise window blinds, allowing you to customise their appearance to whatever personal preference you may have.


Vertical blinds are a great alternative to the traditional horizontal blinds which utilise tilting blades instead, offering the same level of privacy and light protection but in a much more unique style. Other alternatives also include panel glides that slide back and forth behind each other, offering versatile control over light and privacy. Roman shades can also be used if you would like a design somewhat similar to curtains by using a layered form of shading that can be raised and lowered to form a panelled appearance.


Blinds can be utilised in various ways such as a cordlock which is a mechanism where a cord lock controls the position of the shade, or easyrise where adjacent to the blinds position there is a continuous cord loop system that is installed to raise or lower the shades as required.


If you would prefer a cordless mechanism, literise is a lifting system at the bottom of the shades which can be lifted or lowered with fingers alone. Roller blinds are another contemporary method of installing shade protection inside a household as a mechanism is propped at the top of the window and is controlled by using a chain loop to control the length of the blind at all times. The most modern in blind controls is a motorised system, whereby the blinds are adjusted by using an adjacent button.