Domain Authority:

What is DA?

Domain Authority (DA) is one of the major metrics for search engine ranking policy. It is introduced and managed by MOZ.

How long does it take to increase my DA?

On average it takes us 10 days. However, in some cases it might take up to 30 days.

How do you Increase Moz DA?

We make high authority backlinks (redirected) to your domain which increases the Domain authority of your website.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely. The redirections are made from websites with high DA.

How do you Increase Moz DA?

Domain authority is a major website metric. Increased DA enhances the performance and placement of the search engine. Therefore, it is also an SEO boost method for blogging.

Will this increase my spam score?

Not at all!

How i will be able to check da?

You can check at official site moz.com here

What if you don't increase my DA?

We will provide you a full refund if we don't increase your DA within 30 days!


Google News:

What are the Google News websites?

They are local blogs and websites included on Google News.

Can you send me your list of websites?

Unfortunately, we don't do it for 2 reasons: we always search for new websites that are suitable to your nice; and we also keep them private (you will know obviously the sites once you purchase the order).

Do you accept foreign language websites?

Yes, it is possible but the news will be published on English sites.

Is it good for Wikipedia Verification?

We don't offer Wikipedia verification services. However, all the news are editorials and many marketers use us for this purposes. 

Will be the news marked as "sponsored"?

Not at all. They will be editorial news published under local journalists.


Guest Posts:

How many guest posts can I order?

We don't limit the number. However, we recommend building your links slowly from 5-7 per month if you have no links at all.  

On what DA sites will be the article published?

This depends on your order. We are able to publish the articles on websites with DA 20-90.

Will be the post labeled as 'sponsored'?

Nope! All of them will be editorials.

Do you include follow or nofollow links?

All links will be follow with natural anchors, so Google won't penalize your website.

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