The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry and Logistics Specialisations in Card Technologies


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are for the retail sector an important and huge proportion of sales to consumers. These products include cleaning products, personal care, over the counter goods, snacks and beverages and other items such as SIM cards and gift cards. Convenience stores, and service stations carry a large range of FMCG, and major retails outlets and supermarkets also.

Due to the large and constant supply and demand cycle of FMCG, ensuring that the supply chain from manufacture to distribution and display is inviolate is a major industry priority. Small items such as gift cards, SIM cards and loyalty cards require specialist packaging and handling.

Niche Logistics Companies Provide Solutions for FMCG Supply Chains

The elimination of waste and redundant processes in the FMCG supply chain is necessary to ensure that all channels stay financially viable. As profit margins decrease in the FMCG industry, specialist logistics companies are providing useful solutions to a lot of commercial enterprises.

Sim Card Packaging Requires Adept Understanding

Sim cards are electronic devices that require packaging and transport solutions that will ensure that they remain intact through the distribution life cycle. A consumer needs to confidently open their package, to be assured that it will be intact and working once it is activated and installed.

Sim cards are a high demand product distributed across a vast majority of retail outlets, and transported through multiple channels. A highly intensive area of professional attention is required for the conveyance of sim cards.

Consumers don’t think about the complexities, they just want product reliability. When a business enterprise contracts a specialised sim card packaging manufacturing and logistics operation, wastage and returns become a non-event.

Gift Card Manufacturing

Gift cards are a convenient way for consumers who lead busy lifestyles to present family and friends with a thoughtful special occasion item. They can be conveniently posted, and also be purchased as last minute ideas for many different occasions and for many kinds of items.

Gift cards are the perfect way to present the gift of an experience or to promote a loved one with different options. Gift card manufacturers have the facilities to integrate into the cards a number of technologies for consumers. These include integration with EFTPOS and online purchases.

Logistics companies have a unique position within the FMCG industry with the ability to design and distribute gift cards through delivery channels and ensure that they are useable by the end consumer. The era of crumpled and faded gift certificates that cannot be redeemed has ended.

Loyalty Cards Encourage Consumers to Engage in Repeat Business

Marketing and sales are a huge investment for any business, and critical to ensuring ongoing profit turnovers. A loyalty card manufacturer will consult with a commercial enterprise, and tailor a solution that will encourage consumers to receive various rewards for engaging in repeat business.

Loyalty cards need to be sturdy and durable, and electronic integration allows for scanning and expedited signup and point of sale processing. The right loyalty card design and manufacture creates a better retail experience for the consumer.

By engaging a logistics company that understand the science of better consumer experience, a business will ensure that they receive excellent consumer feedback.

Variety of Card Solutions from Logistics Companies

ID cards, security passes, transport cards and other PVC cards used by consumers can be designed to cater for a variety of businesses.  Have all end user and client cards ready and provided quickly to serve enterprise solutions by a PVC card manufacturer.

With the appropriate infrastructure to design, manufacture and distribute commercial undertaking PVC card solutions, choice is easy. Everything is taken care of in house and this creates a convenient scenario for enterprises. Logistics companies are the real solution to manufacture PVC cards.

Logistics Companies Have Unique Enterprise Understanding

Heuristics of the FMCG industry by logistics companies is constantly being refined and improved. Cutting edge research into speed, durability, distribution and efficiency by the right logistics company will ensure that the end consumer has a satisfactory experience.

Objects like PVC cards, sim card packaging, gift cards and loyalty cards are able to be produced by transport and logistics companies. They are uniquely positioned to understand the necessary processes in designing and delivering the product.

To deliver in full on time, the niche commodity of the fast moving consumer good such as cards and exclusively understood needs of packaging requirements, there are many advantages in selecting a logistics company.