3 Things You Should Be Aware Of With Moz DA Scores

Things You Should Be Aware Of With Moz DA Scores

Having a high Moz DA is something that anyone in touch with the performance of their website will care about. The world’s largest brands and organisations have high domain authority scores, and this, along with their name recognition, is part of what keeps them dominant within their niche.

The following will take a brief look at 3 things you should be aware of.

1.     Don’t confuse it with page authority

Page authority is the rank of individual pages on a website, while Moz DA ranks the entire authority of the domain. In general, you should focus your attention on domain authority as this is the major factor in your website’s visibility. When your website is more visible, your page rank scores should also increase as well since more people will be visiting them.

2.     It’s not the only thing Google looks for

Google is the top dog when it comes to website ranking since it’s the #1 search engine people use. Your Moz DA reflects the most important ranking signal Google has – but it is not the only one. It is possible for a website with high link authority to be outranked by another website that does other things better. Don’t discount the importance of other factors like having a fast-loading website and mobile optimisation etc.

3.     It takes time to grow

Rome wasn’t built in a day – your Moz DA is something that grows steadily over time as you get higher quality inbound links to your website. If you have just launched a brand new website, then it will take time to build up its trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines.


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