Why Did Your Moz DA Decrease?

Why did your Moz DA decrease

If you have noticed your Moz DA decrease, then it can be a very scary experience. You’ve worked hard to try and increase the score, and it can seem unfair when it drops – but it is not inexplicable.

Instead of being upset, it’s better to try and understand why this happened.

One of the common reasons why your Moz DA might have decreased is actually no fault of your own – websites at the top end have grown their own link profiles, and the scale has been skewed as a result. This means that your link profile is now worse relative to the highest authority websites.

Another reason for a decrease in your Moz DA score is when your inbound links are reindexed, and some of them appear to no longer be functioning. For example, a website you had a backlink on was changed in some way that your link became faulty or got removed.

What should you do?

Naturally, if you experience a drop in your Moz DA score, then you will want to reclaim what you lost and continue growing as quickly as possible. The only want to do is to expand your link building efforts and try to earn more positive, high-authority inbound links.

Many websites in this position will outsource the work to a professional digital marketing agency that knows how to generate high-quality inbound links in a consistent way. This gives them peace of mind that the work is in the hands of professionals who have the necessary expertise increase their link authority.



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