The Top 5 Tips to Select the Right Handyman


If someone feels out of their league with the maintenance of their home, it is probably best for them to use the services of a handyman to get the job done. But how does someone select the right person for the job?

There are a lot of dodgy contractors eager to take people’s money for a poor quality job and they give a bad name to those who take pride in their work. For someone looking for handyman services in Perth, here are some useful tips.

Tip #1: Don’t just go for the biggest ad

Just because someone has a big, flashy ad doesn’t mean they’re reliable or well-reviewed. Although it might seem they get a lot of business, it’s not always because they’ve done a good job. When it comes to work in a living space, people shouldn’t take any chances when getting professional help.

Any ad that is considered should be accompanied by further research into reviews by past clients or to see if a friend or college has used their services. A professional will rely on word of mouth in the community to get most of their regular business.

Tip #2: Get to know them first

When interviewing potential handymen, a home owner should be confident that they are getting someone they can trust. If they have made estimates on their work before even seeing the problem areas, they probably can’t be relied on to do an adequate job.

It is best to evaluate the type of work they are experienced in and what projects they’ve worked on in the past. This includes asking for proof of any required licenses for each job. This allows the home owner to narrow down which handymen are most suitable for their particular problem and weigh that suitability with their prices.

References are also an important piece of information to ask for. Any good handyman services in Perth will be able to provide a list of satisfied customers for their potential clients to browse through. This can include photos of before and after the job or a simple phone call to verify the work was sound.

If the handyman is going to be working in an around the home, the owner should be comfortable with their character and feel assured they will do a good job.

Tip #3: Get a clear and accurate quotation

This is extremely important in avoiding grievances further down the line. A contractor should be able to estimate the job clearly, detailing what time and resources will be allocated to each activity. There should be no ambiguity about what is being done and how much is being paid for it and it is highly important this is recorded in writing.

When negotiating price, it is crucial to never pay up front if it can be helped. If an excuse is given that the money is going towards necessary materials, the home owner should have other handymen ready to call. A true professional will be able to pay their own way for the materials they use and factor that into their honest estimate.

Being smart about expectations is very important here. A handyman who promises too much without being able to rationalise it is likely to be either over their head or insincere about their ability. Either way, care should be taken not to hire someone who cannot justify their expenses in a reasonable enough way.

Tip #4: Know the plan

Knowing what is going to happen and how it will be accomplished is critically important in making sure the work is done properly. If someone doesn’t have a clear understanding of what is being done in and around their home, it will be harder for them to judge the quality of the work.

A good handyman will survey the problem areas and draw up a plan for the home owner to review, explaining how and why their work is being done according to it. Ideally, they will also have proper insurance in case of any unforeseen accidents or injuries.

Tip #5: Keep up with their work

Any project is liable to run into roadblocks and the need to change plans. There’s nothing wrong with this, but any and all changes need to be run by the homeowner first.

The best way to guarantee this occurs is by being present while the handyman works, or at least as much time as is reasonable. They should feel comfortable being watched while they work, and the homeowner should feel comfortable they are doing a good job.

During each point of the job the initial plan should be constantly referenced against what is actually being done to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Anyone trying to select the right handyman services in Perth should remember to trust their instincts above all. The above tips should be helpful in both making an informed decision and ensuring it remains the correct one.