How Facebook can help your small business

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Social media is a huge platform that is forever offering new opportunities to consumers and businesses. SO with all the options available why should you use Facebook? For starters it is the most used platform in Australia with approximately 12 million users on a daily basis!

In comparison no other platform comes close. Capturing this market and fully understanding how it can benefit you will put you over your competitors.

The News Feed

The Facebook News Feed is a very important aspect that you need to become familiarised with because it is where the majority of users will see your content.

Users rarely visit you actual profile page to see your posts and on top of that, only a small amount that you publish will appear on their News Feed.

Be aware that not all the content you post will be seen by users. Understand that not everyone will enjoy the content and that your content shouldn’t be solely focussed on self-promotion but rather should offer an interesting read.

Facebook’s algorithm

The algorithm in question is the code that the programmers have developed that chooses what posts appear in users News Feed. It is strictly confidential to the company so our best bet is to guess how it works similar to how SEO works with Google.

There are signals from profiles and content to help decide whether the content should appear to users in the future. What affects the visibility of your posts include;

  • Have people engaged with previous posts from the same source
  • What type of content is being presented?
    • When Facebook allowed video and live functions, they were prioritised over other content.
  • What is the content?
    • If users have expressed interest in the topic beforehand it is more likely to appear to them

How to engage your audience

A big thing with Facebook’s News Feed is engagement. Think of your posts as having a sampling period. If they reach a certain amount of likes and comments, it will be introduced to a larger audience compared to if it hadn’t.

Experts advise that if you want your content to be seen more and in relation have higher engagement; it must be entertaining, offer assistance and be useful to solve some form of problem. If all the points relate to your business you should be set up for social media success.

You must also be on top of all announcements relating to rules and guidelines for Facebook’s content. For example Facebook is cracking down on click bait and low quality websites that link to the platform. Also it is important to consider how your business is perceived by the platforms. Cryptocurrency advertising has been banned across many different social media platforms including Facebook.