Why “The customer is always right” is wrong


You’ve heard the phrase multiple times and is a typical slogan that businesses use to convince their customers that they will be treated to good service at this particular brand or company.

As time goes on, perceptions change and the old notion should stay in the past as well. After all it was coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909 and things have definitely changed since then.

Here are some of the top reasons why businesses should stay away from “The customer is always right”.

Employees will become unhappy

Customers are only one part that makes a business function; most importantly your business can’t run without your employee base. You want to make sure that both your customers and employees are happy with the business. As an organization your loyalties should lie with your employees over customers that are being unruly.

“The customer is always right” statement makes employees feel insignificant and can greatly diminish the company culture. Simply stating that they are always right is counter-productive and won’t solely allow you to succeed.

Insensitive customers are given an edge

When you give customers the ammunition that they are always right will lead them to demand anything. Technically they’re right, are can request away and abuse the motto against you. In turn it becomes a lot harder for employees to rein the customer.

Additionally, nastier more abusive customers will be getting better treatment and services than the kind ones. Why should you reward the people that make your life difficult? Cutting ties with abusive customers isn’t going to destroy your business. You may find that giving extras to your nice customer base will actually improve your brand image and reputation instead.

Bad customers are bad

A lot of businesses think the more customers you have the better. However some customers are just bad for your businesses. Cutting ties with rude customers will show your employees that their best interests are considered and will increase company loyalty.

Additionally for some businesses having bad customers can hinder future operations. Think of a restaurant for example. If you have a rowdy customer that is abusing staff and other guests, others will have a bad experience and will stop coming to your business. Getting rid of bad customers will improve the atmosphere for all those involved.

Businesses need to put their employees first because quite simply, the customer can be wrong. Making sure that your team is kept after will motivate them more and will put your business in a better position in the public eye.