Hot Water Cylinders: How Homeowners Can Select a Reliable Brand

worker set up central gas heating boiler at home

It is a fair statement to say that sometimes industry insiders and consumers alike overthink the domain hot water cylinders.

It is still a very important decision to make and one not to make on a whim or for the sake of convenience, but the elements that form the choice ultimately boil down to a handful of categories: efficiency, installation, warranty and price.

Irrespective of the profile of the item from solar to natural gas and electric, there are some fundamental factors that should be considered to ensure that the purchase is from a reliable brand.


Maximizing Efficiency: Most Hot Water From Less Energy Supply

The first piece of selection criteria is arguably the most important with hot water cylinders – what brand is reaches the highest level of energy efficiency. Of course the finances of acquiring and installing are important and will be discussed, but for long-term sustainability and to avoid the need for repairs and maintenance, efficiency is the central marker to watch. These outlets will have an energy rating published, so no homeowner should be left in any doubt about their value in this department. Whether the decision comes down to a natural gas, electric or solar product, this is the category that will deliver the most amount of hot water


Simple Installation Process

Hot water cylinders should be able to be installed with minimal fuss. Depending if they are linked to a mains pressure system or just utilised through low pressure access, the time invested in seeing a specialist should not take longer than a couple of hours. This domain can be complicated if there are future proofing provisions included for a model that will eventually be geared towards a new solar introduction, but even in those instances the logistics and management of the installation should be simple.


Ensure It Has a Warranty

What constitutes ‘reliable’ for homeowners when they invest in hot water cylinders exactly? The term ‘reliable’ means to be consistently good in quality or performance and able to be trusted. Especially on that second count, it is hard to trust a business if they do not issue a protection measure through a comprehensive warranty. Whether their policy lasts from a minimum of 24-36 months or extends into 5, 10 or 15-year period, it is always beneficial to purchase through a company that understands the costs and stress involved with continual repairs and maintenance needs before a replacement has to be sourced.


Good Value For Money

Each homeowner will arrive to the industry of hot water cylinders with their own budget in mind. Some will have added cash reserves and have the means to invest in a model that will provide greater resources and a higher degree of reliability. Others will be on more modest means and look to settle for a brand that meets a certain threshold for their requirements without including any added features.

The fact of the matter is this is a diverse industry where small models for singles can be acquired for as little as $400, ranging upwards of $2,000 to $2,500 depending on the demand. Going by the gauge of 50L of hot water per person per day, citizens will have to make a subjective determination. The value will be in the eye of the beholder as consumers need to know the industry averages and expected investment level given their profile.



When homeowners stick to these four core principles when selecting their hot water cylinders, they can rest assured knowing they have opted for a reliable brand. Competitors will rise and innovations will continue to make their way through the market, but it is vital that consumers do their due diligence when investing in such a vital resource for their home.