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10 Save The Date Cards Styles to Consider in 2019

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From boho-chic to classic fairy-tale, there is an abundance of save the date cards styles to choose from – your imagination is the limit! If you are having trouble deciding, go online and have a browse of the different options.


Here are our top 10 styles:


Minimalist cards are simple, effortless and stylish, offering a subtle elegance. They can often be much cheaper to produce than flashier cards due to the reduced amount of materials needed to make them. A simple white or gold card and some ink is all you need to make a minimalist wedding invitation!


save the date cardCustomised

Custom-made cards allow you to express your individuality. If you and your partner both love art, hire an artist to draw you a design! If you both love music, create a music-themed card. Personalised cards are a unique and creative option that is worth considering if you want something a bit different.



Letterpress is one of the most popular printing techniques, allowing you to select from a number of typefaces, colours and sizes to create a raised, hard surface on your cards. It creates an air of sophistication and class.



For a once-in-a-lifetime, romantic storybook event, consider using fairy-tale wedding invitations. Options include flowers, phrases like “happily ever after”, letterpress fonts and of course, fairies! Soft, light tones such as rose work well, as does gold and silver foiling.



Vintage is back, with old-style typefaces, sepia tones and floral china now all-the-rage. Consider using calligraphy and cotton-fibre paper for a retro feel. The great thing about the vintage style is that you can choose any time period that you like – whether it is 1920s art deco or the big, bold 1980s.



Playful, colourful and pretty, a watercolour aesthetic is a popular option for artists and beach-lovers alike. If you are into painting yourself, this is a great option for making your own wedding invitations!



If you are planning on having a black tie occasion, make sure your cards match the theme. Traditional wedding invitations are typically printed on classic cotton-fibre paper using black ink and/or calligraphy. Consider finishing them off with a golden trim using foil and tying a ribbon around them.



Inspired by nature and the great outdoors, boho-chic is a mix of bohemian and hippy, offering a soft, romantic feel. Think floral decorations, soft, earthy tones and lace.



Consider making modern-style cards using bold, geometric shapes and lines, bright or metallic colours and marble prints. Foil stamping can also work great with this style – rose gold is a trendy option.



Where vintage involves all things old-fashioned, rustic refers to a farm or countryside aesthetic. It typically features outdoor elements like wood, leaves, linen, lace, twine, mason jars, and natural textures and tones. Consider printing your wedding invitations on brown, recycled paper and wrapping them with twine. Keep the text simple and laidback.



If yours is a love written in the stars, consider having celestial cards. This is a starry, night sky themed style characterised by deep blues, twinkling stars and moon imagery. This is a lovely option for something really different – and a celestial gown is really a sight to behold!



If you are having a destination marital ceremony in the Bahamas, France or the like, consider making travel-inspired cards to go along with it! Some fun options include styling your cards like plane tickets or post cards.



Your options are nearly endless when it comes to choosing wedding invitations. Don’t take things too seriously though – remember to have fun with them!