How To Find The Best Equipment Rental For Farmers

Many farm owners and workers out there find themselves asking how they can find the best equipment rental for farmers. When it comes to running a farm, there are many different things that need to be considered. Crops need to be taken care of, animals need to be fed and workers need to be paid. […]

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Why “The customer is always right” is wrong

You’ve heard the phrase multiple times and is a typical slogan that businesses use to convince their customers that they will be treated to good service at this particular brand or company. As time goes on, perceptions change and the old notion should stay in the past as well. After all it was coined by […]

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Tips for starting a small business
small business

If you have a great idea on a business but don’t know where to start, these tips could prove to be useful. Creating a small business requires hard work and constant attention. The risks may be high as you’re putting a lot on the line, but if your idea and execution is good enough you […]

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How to convert your leads into clients
convert your leads into clients

A problem that a lot of businesses face is the capability to turn their leads into sales or new clients. If you are putting copious amounts of resources into marketing and lead generation, if you can’t convert those leads you are wasting your time and money. Establishing clear and strong conversion processes could be the […]

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How Facebook can help your small business
social media facebook

Social media is a huge platform that is forever offering new opportunities to consumers and businesses. SO with all the options available why should you use Facebook? For starters it is the most used platform in Australia with approximately 12 million users on a daily basis! In comparison no other platform comes close. Capturing this […]

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The Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry and Logistics Specialisations in Card Technologies

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are for the retail sector an important and huge proportion of sales to consumers. These products include cleaning products, personal care, over the counter goods, snacks and beverages and other items such as SIM cards and gift cards. Convenience stores, and service stations carry a large range of FMCG, and […]

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